News Release

Michelle Byers

Communications Coordinator


Extended to all open burning

April 20th, 2020

Comox Valley wide Fire Ban is in effect as of April 1st. This now includes any small hand piled backyard fires at this time.

Comox Fire Chief stated that this early fire ban from the CVRD is due to the current COVID-19 crisis. It helps to improves breathing quality and reduces calls to first responders to check out fires and/or have to extinguish escaped fires.

As we have a fire agreement with the Town of Comox, we will be following the recommendations from them to adhere to this early fire ban.

Please connect with the Comox Fire Department or K’omoks Lands Department with your questions, concerns or fire reporting.

Comox Fire Department

P: 250.339.2432

K’omoks Lands Department

P: 250.339.4545

Carol McColl, Lands Coordinator


Monty Horton

Lands Manager