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K’ómoks First Nation Youth Program

A measure of our community’s success is through our youth.

“It is our mission to have happy, healthy, successful, participating members of society. We will achieve these goals through culture, sports, recreation and healthy living. Encouraging our youth to build capacity through volunteering, and leadership with the guidance of our Elders, and their first teachers, their parents.”


The main goal of our youth program is to have fun! We encourage participation and inclusion. The program targets both school age Children 0-18 and young adults 19-29.

There are four different groups broken down by age categories:

Early childhood 0-6 years

Junior Youth 7-12 years

Older Youth 13-18 years

Young Adult Youth 19-29

Programming is built around cultures, health & wellness, sports & recreation, and skill building.

It is our goal to have youth driven programming. We feel that we really need to listen to our youth, since they know what they want. It is our job as Elders, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, and sisters to guide our children through their journey. In our past society, everyone had a place and a purpose, and with this way of life there was a sense of belonging. Children felt secure, confident and respected.

If our children are thriving, that means that the family unit is thriving. Therefore, we can say that K’ómoks is successful.

Oh, what a time we are going to have!

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Brenda MurrayEducation & Youth Coordinator
Brenda coordinates the Youth Action Committee and events for Youth.
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