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Band Social Development Worker (BSDW)

Social Development follows the Income Assistance (IA) Policy that is developed and issued by Indigenous Service Canada (ISC) on-reserve. It is meant to align with the IA Program offered by the province of BC.

What is income assistance?

Income assistance is sometimes called welfare or social assistance. Income assistance on-reserve is money and other benefits for people who:

  • live on reserve
  • do not have enough money to meet their needs
  • have no other reasonable way of getting money

Income assistance benefit test for people living on reserve include:

  • monthly benefits including:
    • basic income assistance benefits
    • Persons with Disabilities benefit (often called PWD benefits
    • Persons with Persistent Multiple Barriers benefits (often called PPMB benefits)
    • hardship assistance, and
  • a range of other benefits.

Each benefit has its own requirements for determining whether you can get that benefit. This means that you may be able to get some benefits but not others, depending on your circumstances.

If employable, applicants must participate in employability programs that may be available and use all available resources and income to support themselves as the preferred alternative to social assistance.

Important Documents for Social Development

Social Development Programs

Jordan’s Principle

Jordan’s Principle is a child first principle, named in memory of Jordan River Anderson, and makes sure all First Nations children can access the products, services, and supports they need, when they need them. Jordan’s Principle can help with a wide range of health, social, and educational needs.

More Information on Jordan’s Principle Program


Susan SavoieSocial Development & Elder Coordinator
Susan is a member of KFN and comes from a proud background. Susan’s aspiration is to have a fun, adventurous, active, inclusive program that is based on our cultural history, respect -for ourselves and our environment.
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