Project Description

Housing oversees home builds, renovations and band housing on the K’ómoks First Nation Reserve Lands and works on infrastructure projects and initiatives in coordination with the Lands Department.

KFN currently has 78 privately owned homes and 4 rental units the Nation operates on Comox IR#1.

Looking at Building a Home on reserve?

KFN has Lots available for members to build a private home on. If you are interested in building a home, you will be required to obtain a mortgage pre-approval from a financial institution or a letter stating you have the funds to build. All mortgages on reserve will require a Ministerial Loan Guarantee (MLG) from Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) to finalize. Once the Housing Coordinator has received confirmation of your financial readiness you will be able to choose an available lot to build on and begin the building process.


For more information about MLG please click on the link below:


Housing Subsidies

ISC currently offers the following subsidies:

New Home Construction or Purchase

Subsidy provided for the construction or purchase of permanent homes located on-reserve

Regular Renovation

Half subsidy provided for the basic renovation of homes located on-reserve

Health and Safety Renovation

Subsidy provided for the remediation renovation of health and safety issues of homes located on-reserve

Eligible activities include but are not limited to:

  • New construction projects must meet the existing housing needs as per the First Nation’s housing plan
  • Regular and health and safety renovation projects must renovate homes that are at least 10 years old to extend the structural and/or mechanical life expectancy of the home by at least 15 years
  • Homes that have not received previous ISC housing subsidies (new home or renovation) within the last 10 years are eligible
  • The housing unit, whether it is stick built/modular/trailer, must be permanently fixed to a foundation

ISC BC Region housing funding is not intended for the following:

  • To be applied retroactively to work done in previous fiscal years
  • All approvals are subject to available Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) funding and scope of project.
  • Approved projects may be subject to compliance audits.
  • Cosmetic repairs (such as interior flooring, molding, fixtures, and painting) and other non-structural items (possible exceptions are cosmetic repairs required in the course of ISC approved renovations, such as mould remediation work)
  • Site preparation activities such as: grading; demolition; timber clearing; the connection of services from the road to the new home; the construction of sewer, water and/or hydro main lines; the construction of roads; and/or the creation of subdivisions
  • Housing designs and costs that exceed normal housing standards
  • Multiple units for the same individual
  • Housing that can be financed by other means
  • Use for economic gain or “unjust enrichment” (such as house “flipping” or individual rental property incomes)
  • All projects will be required to provide completion and building inspections reports.

Renovation Programs

CMHC offers a variety of programs that are available for on reserve homes. Please note that these programs are only available when CMHC sends out a call letter to the Nation. To view the list of programs, click the link below:

Contact Jason Price, Housing & infrastructure Coordinator at the administration office with any questions you may have.

See below for our new (2020) subdivision with Lots available on Tat’poos (Road ‘A’):


Jason PriceHousing & Infrastructure Coordinator
Jason was born and raised in Campbell River. His parents are from the We Wai Kai & Wei Wai Kum Nations.  He is married and has 2 children ages 6 & 8.  Jason has family ties to the K’ómoks First Nation from both sides of his family. His great uncles married Elizabeth Frank (Price) and Irene Frank (Wilson).
He went to school for Business Administration and worked on the Land Code and Housing & Public Works for his Nation for 10 years.  Jason looks forward to helping the K’ómoks First Nation achieve their housing and infrastructure goals and is excited to get to know everyone in the community.