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Our Education Program

Excellence in Education

To assist K’ómoks First Nation members to achieve their education goals by providing excellent services, relevant information, up to date resources, encouragement, acknowledgment, and direction.

We achieve this by providing services in a fair and consistent manner to all K’ómoks First Nation Members and through the equitable administration of funding provided by Indigenous Services Canada (ISC) through the Post-Secondary Student Support Program and Band Support for Education.

Boards and Committees

2nd Chair for the Indigenous Education Council

The 2nd chair is with the school district. Discussion around positive changes and ideas for the district. I am there as a voice for KFN.
NIC, regular meetings regarding what is happening within the college world. Changes upcoming, in the college world for the Comox Valley.

Indigenous Education Advisory Committee, North Island College

Education Capacity Development Committee

Committee Members: Kelly Shopland, Ken Price Cedar Frank, Fernanda Pare, Margaret Mitchell, Jason Cobey, Melissa Quocksister, Kat Frank, Brenda Murray are on the board.

Youth Advisory Committee

Committee Members: Bernadette Savoie, Cindy Frank, Tiffany Gee, Heather Feero, Lisa Bowie, Pamela Mitchell, Tami Compton, Kat Frank, and Brenda Murray. 


Education Coordinator Roles and Responsibilities

Elementary/Secondary Education

Nominal Roll

Annual registering of Nominal Roll for on-reserve students.

Elementary/Secondary funding from ISC is provided for all students registered annually on the Nominal Roll. The Nominal roll students are K’ómoks Members living full-time on-reserve.

K’ómoks has a Local Education Agreement with the Comox Valley School (SD71) which allows for this funding to come to us directly. We then make tuition payments to SD71 as per our Nominal Roll, thus giving us a strong voice in education needs of our students.

Each year Nominal Roll students are eligible for monies for school supplies and special equipment, graduation fees and clothing and student incentives. This funding is strictly for on-reserve Nominal Roll students.

All districts in BC receive Indigenous targeted funding. If you are an off-reserve student and need additional services, please contact your school to find out what you can apply for and/or are eligible for.

Elementary/Secondary Important Dates

  • 25 of each month – School incentive cheques released
  • June 1 – Graduation cheques released
  • Summer each year – Graduation/Recognition Ceremony
  • August 1 – Nominal Roll Student supply cheques released

Comox Valley Schools (SD71) Information


K’ómoks provides 10 hours of individual sessions to students in our learning center. Parents and Students must be committed to an hour session per week. If you would like tutoring, please contact the Education Coordinator.

Learning Links

Post-Secondary Education

K’ómoks administers funds that it receives from Post-Secondary Student Support Program (PSSSP) and the University & College Entrance Preparation Program (UCEPP). Both programs provide funding support for tuition, books & supplies, and a living allowance. Living allowances are administered to eligible funded students.

About University and College Entrance Preparation Program (UCEPP)

If you do not have all the courses required to enter a post-secondary program you must get the institute offering the program a statement that attests the UCEP program will provide the student with the necessary courses to attain the academic level for university or college entrance and the student will be eligible to be accepted as a student at a regular university or college credit program upon successful completion of the UCEP course of studies. You must be able to complete the UCEPP program with one year of funding, as no further UCEPP funding is provided.

About Post-Secondary Funding

For information on how K’ómoks administers funds please read carefully the K’ómoks Post-Secondary Funding Policy. If you have any questions, please contact the Education Coordinator. The K’ómoks Policy was updated in 2017.

Eligibility for Funding

  • Registered Status Indian and K’ómoks First Nation Member who has been resident in Canada for 12 consecutive months prior to the date of application for funding
  • Can provide documentation indicating acceptance at an eligible post-secondary institution into either a degree, diploma or certificate program, or a University and College Entrance Preparation program
  • Maintain satisfactory academic standing within that institution (as per the institution’s definition of satisfactory academic standing)

How and when can you apply for funding?

Fill out the Application for funding, and submit to the Education Coordinator before the Funding Applications Deadlines that correspond with your start date

  • November 1 for a January start date
  • February 1 for a Spring/Summer start date (May-Aug)
  • June 1 for a September start date
Online Post-Secondary Funding Application

Post Secondary Forms for Download – Apply by mail/person

Alternate Funding Sources

We encourage all applicants to apply for alternate funding.

Additional Links

EDX Online Courses – Free online courses at accredited institutions like Harvard University, UBC, and Berkeley. For a fee certification can be issued.
BC Open Source Post-Secondary Textbooks


Brenda MurrayEducation & Youth Coordinator
Brenda is the Education & Youth Coordinator. Her great, great grandma is from the Squamish Nation. She has been a fitness instructor for over 15 years at KDC Health and worked with youth at various schools for SD71 for over 25 years. Brenda loves teaching and being active.
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